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On the Instability of Amalgams

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- Introduction

- Micro structure

- Types of dental amalgams

- Formation of droplets...

- Increased mercury emission...

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The symbiosis between the dental and industrial communities and their scientific journals




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On the instability of amalgams


An editorial note

Mercury droplet formation on the surfaces of non-gamma-two amalgams was first reported in 1982. This phenomenon seems still not to have generated one single scientific report, and now is 1997. The establishment of the dental and medical communities have turned their backs on the information, as if their not seeing also meant the phenomenon is not real.

In this web-document by Ulf Bengtsson you will learn more about the background, and you will find a description of an experiment performed in 1986 with thorough pictorial documentation, including a QuickTime movie showing how the mercury droplets form on the surface of non-gamma-two amalgams. All fully referenced. When you look at these droplets you actually look at something the establishment of the dental and medical communities don't want to see, and also have gone into considerable efforts not to be made seen by others. What you see is a real phenomenon.

The relevance of mercury droplet formation on amalgam surfaces is that it is a phenomenon strongly refuting arguments concerning the stability of amalgams, or the negligible amount of diffusion of mercury. In the end it is the officially held view of risk from mercury in amalgam fillings which is refuted. Fifteen years of neglect is a long time, and it is a neglect shared over national borders, it is world wide. This kind of neglect is incompatible with modern concepts of social responsibility and public accountability. Knowledge and information are assets for finding opportunities to reduce risk, but in this case have been treated as threats against business as usual, so possibly increasing risk. BW




Micro structure

Types of dental amalgams

Formation of droplets on the surface of non-gamma-two amalgams

Increased mercury vapor emission from modern non-gamma-two amalgams


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